What is Naturalism and Why is it Important? | Dr Scott Smith

Naturalism holds that ‘all that exists is the physical’. What does that actually mean and how does that play out as a worldview? Naturalism has had an effect on culture, politics, education, and even the Christian church. Dr. Scott Smith, Professor of Ethics and Christian Apologetics highlights the importance of this topic and the breadth of its impact. Biola

Naturalism | Dr William Lane Craig

This is an excerpt from a feature length documentary called Mining for God. To watch the trailer or get the entire film, go to: MiningforGod.com Here Dr. Craig explains why naturalism is reductionistic.

What Problems Does Naturalism Have in Explaining Life? | Gregory Koukl

Greg Koukl, Founder and President of Stand to Reason, answers questions related to his evening plenary address, “Naturalism: Bumping into Reality,” from the 2014 European Leadership Forum. FOCLOnline

Naturalism Requires Faith | Dr William Lane Craig

http://www.reasonablefaith.org – William Lane Craig shows (in his debate with John Shook) that the naturalist has only faith in naturalism.