What is the evidence that Jesus appeared alive after His death? | Dr William Lane Craig

Dr William Lane Craig speaks on Jesus’ postmortem appearance. Reasonable Faith.

What Evidence is there for the Empty Tomb of Jesus? | Dr William Lane Craig

Dr. William Lane Craig briefly gives evidence for the empty tomb of Jesus. Reasonable Faith.

What did the Jews at the time believe about a physical resurrection? | Dr William Lane Craig

Dr William Lane Craig answers what Jews believed about a resurrection during Jesus’ time. Did they believe in physical or a spiritual resurrection? Were the Gnostics an influence on the New Testament writers? Was the Apostle Paul a Gnostic? Reasonable Faith.

What about pre-Christ resurrection myths? | Dr William Lane Craig

On Thursday, April 10th, 2014 Dr William Lane Craig spoke on the “Objective Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus” at Yale University. Dr. Craig is one of the leading theologians and defenders of Jesus’ resurrection, demonstrating the veracity of his divinity. This is the biggest claim in history!

What is the Significance of Jesus’ Resurrection? | Dr William Lane Craig – William Lane Craig answers why the resurrection of Jesus is so significant.

The Historical Facts Argument for the Resurrection | Gary Habermas

Cameron Bertuzzi from Capturing Christianity interviews, historian and philosopher Gary Habermas whose approach is called the “Minimal Facts” approach. Full interview.

Dangerous: Would the World Be Safer Without Religion? | Simon Edwards

Simon Edwards is the UK Director for RZIM Zacharias Trust and Assistant Chaplain of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics.

Do we live in a Postmodern Culture? | Dr William Lane Craig

During his lecture at the 2013 Apologetics Canada Conference entitled, “Is Faith In God Reasonable?” Dr William Lane Craig briefly discussed the idea of a postmodern culture. Are we living in a postmodern culture? What does it mean for a culture to be “postmodern?” In this short clip, we can hear Dr Craig’s response to these questions. Reasonable Faith.

Postmodernism | Dr William Lane Craig

Dr. William L. Craig discussing the Importance of Apologetics at Stand for Truth’s California Christian Apologetics Conference.