Fact or Fiction? Why we can trust the writers of the New Testament

There are a lot of skeptics out there who would try to convince you that the NEW TESTAMENT books are unreliable. 

Either they have been changed over time, are mythical fairy tales, or even worse they are completely fabricated.

In this series, I am presenting eight lines of evidence, each starting with the letter “E”, which provide a compelling case that the NEW TESTAMENT is an accurate and reliable account of events in the early & mid first century.

How do we know they are accurate and reliable?

First, because the NEW TESTAMENT is a record of EYEWITNESS accounts.

In the book of Acts alone, Luke lists 80 eyewitnesses to the events he describes.

John lists 59 in his book.  So, in just two books we’ve got almost 140 people who are recorded as witnesses to the events described.

That’s really significant when you consider Eyewitness testimony is considered the strongest testimony in courts of law.

The authors make no bones about their writings being first hand…eyewitness testimony….

John opens his book of I John with…   “We want to tell you about the Word that gives life—the one who existed before the world began. This is the one we have heard and have seen with our own eyes. We saw what he did, and our hands touched him.”   1 John 1:1

Peter opens similarly…  “… we were not telling clever stories that someone had made up. But with our own eyes we saw his true greatness.”  2 Peter 1:16 

We find the same thing with Luke, when he speaks of his sources being “…those who from the beginning were eyewitnesses…”  Luke 1:2

So, the NEW TESTAMENT provides not just the eyewitness testimony of one person, but several with dozens of references made to others who witnessed the events of Jesus’s life and miracles.

Eyewitness’ testifying in courts of law are vetted and assessed by their ability to tell the truth… are they in the right place (which the NEW TESTAMENT authors were)  at the right time (also) with right character qualifications?

…which brings me to my 2nd “E” of evidence …these “witnesses” of the NEW TESTAMENT were ETHICAL …it was honest testimony from men of integrity and character.

When a witness is crossexamined in court the opposing side will try to defame the character of the witness.  

We find no such possibility with the NEW TESTAMENT writers who were beyond reproach.

We must look at the motives of the writers…. if they were salesmen selling something, we could question their motives.

But they were not after: Wealth, Fame, or Glory.

Listen to how the apostle Paul described fellow apostles…

“It seems to me that God has put us apostles in the worst possible place. We are like prisoners on their way to death. Angels and the people of this world just laugh at us.  Because of Christ we are thought of as fools, … We are weak and hated…  Even today we go hungry and thirsty and do not have anything to wear except rags. We are mistreated and do not have a place to live.  We work hard with our own hands, and when people abuse us, we wish them well.  When we suffer, we are patient.  When someone curses us, we answer with kind words. Until now we are thought of as nothing more than the trash and garbage of this world.”  1 Corinthians 4:9-13 

Boy… I would hate to cross examine these guys trying to discredit their character and testimony!

In fact, Paul and John made lists of sins which would prevent entrance into Gods kingdom… including Lying!   John wrote in revelation that the lake of fire awaits all liars.

No… Their motives were to honestly declare what they had witnessed…  and do so in a manner which would please & glorify God.

So, the NEW TESTAMENT documents can be relied on as accurate accounts.  We have established they are:

  1. Eyewitness, firsthand accounts,
  2. Were Ethically motivated… written by men who had high standards and NO ulterior motives.

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