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Fact or Fiction? Why we can trust the writers of the New Testament

There are a lot of skeptics out there who would try to convince you that the NEW TESTAMENT books are unreliable.  Either they have been changed over time, are mythical fairy tales, or even worse they are completely fabricated. In this series, I am presenting eight lines of evidence, each starting with the letter “E”, […]

How is Christianity Different? | Dave Mann

Transcript How is Christianity different to the other religions? Well – When many people think of religion they think of a set of rules and regulations, traditions and obligations. What we uniquely find in Christianity is a God who wants something much deeper and more personal than that. Christianity is based on God’s love and […]

What Good Has Christianity Done for the World? | Dave Mann

Historian, Paul Maier said  “No other religion, philosophy, teaching, nation, or movement—has changed the world for the better like Christianity.  Clearly”, he said, “it has had its shortcomings but they are heavily outweighed by its benefits to all mankind” What are those benefits? When Christ came to earth society was divided and male-dominated. Women were men’s […]

Finding Truth by Nancy Pearcey | Book Club | June 2020

Thinking Matters has a well-resourced online store, and we aim to bring you monthly highlights of what we have available as we resource and equip the Body of Christ to defend faith, navigate culture, and reach people. This week on book club we talk about Finding Truth by Nancy Pearcey. Use the promo code BOOKCLUB15 […]

Did the Disciples Hallucinate the Resurrected Jesus? | Evidence for the Resurrection | Michelle Englehardt

Transcript “One of the most popular challenges sceptics use against the appearances of the risen Jesus is the Hallucination Theory. This is the belief that the followers of Jesus were so distraught by his death that they hallucinated His appearance three days later. Let’s examine this theory: One of the earliest writings we have about […]